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VARIETY – “This is Us” is making a big move: NBC is moving the hit drama from Tuesdays to Thursday nights as part of a revival of their famous “Must See TV” programming strategy.

If there is one show we could move it would be this one,” explained NBC entertainment chair Bob Greenblatt of the show’s move to 9pm on Thursdays during a conference call with reporters. “There is a case for keeping the show where it was. It’s a little risky, but there’s a bigger case for redoing Thursday nights.”

Greenblatt also outlined extensive creative plans for season two of the drama, which is created by Dan Fogelman. A special edition of the show will air after the Super Bowl, on February 4, 2018. “We thought it was great for the number one sports franchise to be followed by the number one scripted franchise,” said Greenblatt.

The executive producers are also planning a special Christmas episode timed for the holidays, Greenblatt revealed.

Given the new Thursday timeslot, there will be interruptions to the “This Is Us” schedule for NFL games. The show will be on for six weeks, then off again for six weeks. “There will hopefully be some Pittsburgh Steelers games in there,” said Greenblatt,” since the team factors into the show. “I’d love the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl.”

This Is Us” will also face a break for the Olympics in February. “We’ve got some ideas to keep the show alive,” even when the show isn’t on the air, said Greenblatt. “The priority is how can we keep this is us alive as much as humanly possible as long as possible. And that’s what we’re going to try to do even with the interruptions that we’re going to have.”

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Yesterday night was the finale of season one of This Is Us titled “Moonshadow.” What an emotional episode. It was really amazing and I can’t wait for the second season! The gallery has now been updated with HD screen captures from the episode. Since there will be some time now since This Is Us on hiatus, I’ll start working on Milo’s past projects. Be sure to follow us on twitter: @ventimigliaorg to stay updated in real time.

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I have added HD logoless screencaptures from Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us titled “What Now?” to the gallery! Next Tuesday is the season finale of This Is Us. I’m definitely not ready. Make sure you tune in!

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So not ready..

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I have added HQ episode stills from Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us titled “What Now?” along with next week’s FINALE titled “Moonshadow” to the gallery.

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Milo’s character Jack was featured in a small part of This Is Us, “Memphis” on Tuesday. The scene showed Jack helping Randall get through an anxiety attack. You can find the few screen captures from the episode in our gallery. The episode was definitely an emotional one.

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I have added HD screen captures of Milo from Tuesday’s new episode of This Is Us titled “Jack Pearson’s Son” to the gallery. Enjoy!

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