Opening of Dreaming Ventimiglia!

Welcome to the opening of Dreaming Ventimiglia! I have become a huge fan of Milo watching him in various roles and interviews and decided to do a site. I have been working on the site for sometime now, and although the site is not anywhere complete – I wanted to get the site open for the return of This Is Us on Tuesday!

You may know Milo from his roles in numerous television shows such as Gilmore Girls, Heroes, The Whispers, and more. He has also starred in a variety of films such as Pathology, Dirty Deeds, Rocky Balboa, That’s My Boy, and many more.

The photo gallery has already over 19,000+ photos from Milo’s appearances, photoshoots, television shows, film productions, and magazine scans. I will be working on the galler over the next weeks/months to add everything of Milo’s career.

Please take a look around the site and be sure to visit again. You can follow us on twitter at @ventimigliaorg.

written by Emily on January 07, 2017 under

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