Happy 40th Birthday Milo!

Today is our favorite Milo Ventimiglia‘s 40th birthday! On behalf of Dreaming Ventimiglia and all Milo fans we wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! You are such a talented actor and overall just an all around kind gentleman. Keep being wonderful! I hope you have a fantastic day, spending it with all your family and friends. Happy birthday Milo! Send all your warm wishes to @MiloVentimiglia!

In celebration of Milo’s birthday, I have added HQ exclusive outtakes from a photoshoot Milo did earlier this year for Red Nose Day. The photos are so fun, check them out in the gallery! I would appreciate if these photos weren’t re-posted. I have several more special things for all you visitors for the future <3

written by Emily on July 08, 2017 under

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