05 February '17

Yesterday, Milo attended the 69th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards with This Is Us co-star, Mandy Moore. The gallery has been updated with high quality photos from the awards to the gallery! Be sure you are following us on twitter @ventimigliaorg to stay up to date with all the latest news!

02 February '17

I have added HQ episode stills from next week’s episode of This Is Us titled “I Call Marriage” to the gallery! Check them out! I can’t wait for the episode 🙂

01 February '17

Milo was featured in the January 31 issue of Variety Magazine. I have added 2 scans along with one outtake from the photoshoot to the gallery! Thank you to Marilla for the scans!

27 January '17

I have added HD logoless screncaptures of Milo from Tuesday’s new episode of This Is Us titled “Three Sentences” to the gallery. Check them out!

19 January '17

Milo and the cast of This Is Us took some beautiful portraits during the Winter Tour TCA yesterday. The high quality portraits have been added to the gallery!

18 January '17

I have added high quality episode stills from next week’s episode of This Is Us, titled “Three Sentences” to the gallery!

18 January '17

Last night’s episode of This Is Us was amazing. It was definitely one of my favorite episodes so far. The gallery has now been updated with HD logoless screen captures from the episode. Enjoy!

18 January '17

Milo recently did a photoshoot and interview with The Wrap. You can check out some amazing portraits in the gallery and watch the interview video below!

THE WRAP – Milo Ventimiglia knows one of the biggest secrets of NBC’s “This Is Us”: When and how his fan-favorite character Jack is going to die.

But just because we already know Jack Pearson will suffer an untimely fate, that doesn’t mean the character is going anywhere.

“I do know when you’re going to know, but just wait,” he told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “You may get some teasers as to when, very soon. But I think the thing to know is that Jack’s time with his family is limited. But he’s not going anywhere because Jack and Rebecca are in the past, and reflect very much how they impact the Big Three in the present day. I think it’s safe to say that Jack will be around for the life of the show.”

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing for the Pearsons, of course, on this show known for its shocking twists and turns. Ventimiglia revealed the last 13 episodes of Season 1 are going to be even more of a roller coaster.

“We have another episode coming up, next week… some bombs are dropped,” he previewed. “Then we come back for 13 and I think a lot happens. It’s one of those things where it gets a pace, and then it just moves faster and faster going into that very, very explosive end of Episode 18.”

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

11 January '17

This Is Us came back last night on NBC. I have added HD loglesss screen captures of the 11th episode titled, “The Right Thing to Do” to the gallery! Check them out.

11 January '17

Next week’s episode of This Is Us titled “The Big Day” looks like there will be lots of Jack scenes. I have added HQ episode stills from the episode to the gallery. Enjoy!